Philippe Pastor « Basta »

« Basta » self-destruction
« Basta » planet destruction
« Basta » pollution
« Basta » shitty life
« Basta » contemporary society
… etc, etc…

Permanent exhibition from the sky

With this monumental work, created in the summer of 2014 and composed of more than 3000 concrete slabs, Philippe Pastor seems to express his entire plastic language while advancing towards unexplored spaces, which are increasingly unusual and surprising. The permanent installation ‘Basta’, located on land in Spain, appears as his greatest cry of revolt, more than ever determined to take up the fight against man’s negligence and his destruction of nature. This exclamation, which expresses the creator’s impatience above all, and reveals the level of urgency motivating him, is visible from the sky. Just as the artist goes from one material to another with no predefined hierarchy, his work comes in all sorts of sizes. While paint, depending on the process he employs, seems to remain the artist’s favourite medium for this ‘green statement’, it is nonetheless an installation. By thus interfering with the environment, Philippe Pastor explores and questions nature amidst globalisation.

Alexandra Marini, Extract from the book « PASTOR », 2017